Saturday, April 7, 2012

unexpected :P

hoho~ kejadian nih terjadi ari jumaat rituh.. 2 days ago...kebenaran terserlah... siyez aku jd seram... n sekarang aku tau kau sape.. okie2... 2 times makan kat the tmpt same.....huhu...kunon nk kurang kn kolestrol dlm badan aku nih... hahaha... x de mkne nyer.....borak2 sampai lebam... hahahaha aku lak asik nak gelak...d cmpur dgn situasi tmpt yg sgt "disaster".... Bhahahahahahah....... ari nih aku x tau nak wat per... bosan kot... ngee kalo aku blik umah... leh ler g jalan2 dgn adk aku...huhu.. jap2 dh bpe lme aku tak blik umah nih? jap2 tgk kalender.. heeee~~~ adesss bile aku nak blik umah nih..huhu kalo aku blik... leh surut duet aku...hahahah sbb nyer aku knl sgt adik aku tuh..huhu.. lg pown dah janji nk belanje dier kn...kang wat muke lak...bahahaha... hmmm..bile nak blik melake nih....~ ngeee~~diz week adik aku x der... so nex week pown dier x der...haiihhh ape aku nak wat nih...arrrggghhhh buhsan tol~~~20.4 la bru aku blik melake..huhu... fenatttt oooo000.. kalo aku ade kete.. x yah ckp la.. asal tergerak nak blik.. aku hilang dhhhh..huhuhu... ok lah.. sume lagu2 aku bg kt fb tuh... ko x yah nk pasan sgt untuk kau... aku dah tawar ati dgn kau...okie.... tapi tak tau lah kan... sekarang kau lak terhegeh2 kt aku... dulu aku tergile2 kn kau.. JUAL MAHAL...aku tak mintak pown nak kapel dgn kau.. at least ko jd kwn dgn aku pown ok dar~...huh~! nak ngadu masalah la pejadah la....... shit.... aku mmg layan... (dlm ati errr go to hell ) hee~ aku mmg jahat.. sbb kalo x suke or pe ker... sila cakap.. sbb kalo aku berdendam... terok... ingt yer.... aku boleh jadi baik.. nampak cm bodo... tak tau pape.. inside.. no one ever knew... heee~~ Sebab kalo aku dah tekad... Aku buat ....... kalo ko rase nak sakit kan hati aku.... aku 10 kali gande boleh buat..... sampai ko betol sakit hati dengan aku..... :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Lately i've got my self crushed with someone right? u knew what? i can finally removed him from my heart... yeah.....ALHAMDULILLAH... may be he was not the right and good guy for me..Bye2 ..and don't u ever thing to get in my heart again.. even 0.000001%.. as i told u earlier... too many hint that i'm not supposed to give to you.. hahha.. it's funny when i thought of it many times... Yesterday i deactivated my facebook... at first, i was like the waters of the lakes.. then, when i was alone.. i kept thinking about it... it was a little hurt.. i guess.. a few hours ago, before i fall asleep... i kept thinking about it...."actually it's quiet hard for me to juz ignored it...yeahh.. can u simply forget the person that u actually like and love at the same time.? i guess i like to have friends around me.. i don't need him.. or perhaps depends on him.. yah.. my mistakes.. ( putting a high expectation to him) then he was the one whom brought it down..hahahaha.. ok thanx again for your ignorance... i really appreciated it.. but in the future you will never get my attention.. remember one thing.. no more help ( i knew you won't even realized it.. then you will know it sooner or later) hahahaha seriously i'm telling you okey.. it will happen.. and even no one will help you.. then you will remember me.. you will feel sorry.. Thanks Allah for always being with me when i'm needed you the most .. i love You Allah :) ALHAMDULILLAH.... the way... i would like to share with you something.. just now.. before i went to english language awareness class, i was at the library.. and tadaaaaaa~~!
I borrowed 3 few novels... hehe 1. gelak tergolek ( seriuosly all of you should read this one.. even a few chapter i had read... it's kind of funny.. i've been reading this one in the library and most of the time.. the story did tickles me..hahaha) 2.second time around 3. twelve red herrings... okey thats all for today... i'm waiting for my friends now.. supposed milo iced will bring out my happy mood.. besides i have homework to do.. yeahhhhhh that the spirit ~!!!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Can I voice it out?

lately i'm not sure of what i want in my life.. actually i'm afraid of trying to get the wrong guy.. but at the same time i'm afraid if the guy is the one for me.. then it will turn out the other way.. before i started to crush on him.. i hated him damn much.. hahhaa.. yeah right.. like old malay people kept saying.. if you really hated someone.. u might end up fall in love with him.. hahaha.. yeah hell.. right.. i guess.. the first time i met him was in the problem solving class.. hahaha.. funny.. i did not noticed him at that time..its just his friend.. huhu... then i went to the arabic 1 class.. as the lecturer kept asking questions, he was the only that seemed very active to give the answers.. ( yeah.. it was as if you are the only one knew about it) hohoho..~ (at that time i was like.. errkk) then i went to the class as usual. almost every time i can see his face.. but there was no feelings towards him.. until there was a trip.. during the trip.. i don't know what really happened to me..  its like when i see his face.. the feeling of "sayang" was there...hahahhaha... but during that time, i did not tell my friends. i've just kept in secretly.. between me and myself..  sometimes i laugh at myself.. how come in a short period of time.. (2 days) i can badly crush on him.. it went on as if.. "perigi mencari timba" hahahaha.. aku ler tuh.. ok i'm the one whom started.. text..text... text.. even sometimes he don't even replys my text..hahahaha..

ok.. lately i get a little bit mad.. 50% of fed up.. it seems that he did not noticed of what the hell i'm trying to do to get his attention.. hoho~ u can go and ask my friends... ( perhaps they will said " haah.. tiap2 mase asik cite sal dier jerr") hahahah..  diz afternoon i had my grooming class.. guess what.. (ok i, don't have to mention here) ok the truth was i'm jealous.. okey~!.. what the hell did the girl actually do? can u please don't touch him? huh~ if i had powers... at that time i'll make you suffer girl.. shit.. do you have to actually bergurau and cucuk2 him? eeeeee babiiiii..geramm aku... haah kan.. kau pown suke perempuan usik2 kau...  eeeeee..vaviikkk... aku lak suke tgk kau bergurau cam tuh............ bodoh toll... hahaha aku mmg kuat jelez.. the very very very strong jealousy one.. yeah..that's me..huhu..

then when i tried to calm down.. i played with the games in my phone .. while waiting for the mulimedia class.. then something went wrong.. my phone was hang.. ok~! shit.. what else i can do? went to tesco..then ask the people in the telephone shop to do something.. yeah hell.. the only thing he+she (pengkid) can said.. i can't do anything....vavikkkk.... then i went straight home..huhu.. i was fasting.. + sweating badly + exhausted = huh~!..... then me myself can fixed it.. daaa~

the best part was.. after a few minutes in the class.. one of the people loudly said.. " kelas tak ade.. lecturer ader meeting" hahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahah (hell)~....

went home..... then i got a text happy metre went up 10%..hahahahaha

ok bye2 xD

Sunday, April 1, 2012

luahan hati :)

slamat ptg sume.. hmm..elok2 ptg nih aku plan nk g joging kt bwah nih.. aku tbe2 cm malas..heheh x pe la..ade byk lg mse..huhu.. lately aku asik berjalan je.. penat kaki aku..huhu..lenguh2..hahaha Esok aku nak puase lah :) dah lme x puase sunnat :) besh tau .. t cube korang try ..hahah..dh cube nak try lak....heheh.. bukan ape.. kalo korang sume pasan aku suke sgt letak lagu2 kt fb aku kn ? hehe.. aku mmg btol2 maksud kn.. aku mmg terlalu "head over heels" dekat sumone nih.. aku mmg dh lme perhatikan dia... tp aku rse dier x bpe pasan kan aku.. even nme aku pown dier tak tau.. (seday jap T_T) ngee... awk tau tak.. sy dah lame perhatikan awk.. tp awk x pernah perasan..lame-lame hati sy jadi tawar.. sy rase awk perasan.. berdasarkan tindakan sy nih... :) tp still boleh selamat kn.. "KOt" heheh.. juz satu bnde sy nak g tau awk... tp sekali sy dah 100% tawar hati.. sy akan biar awk sampai bile-bile.. sy akan buat tak tau je nanti ..heheh.. sy nih jenis keras hati.. sje je nk bagi hint awl2.. huhu.. Setiap ape sy buat.. tuh sume sbb nak kan perhatian awk.. tp pelik kwn2 awk lak yg perasan kan? ngeee tunjuk gigi jap...huhuh..~
hahaha...kan..tgk terok kn muke aku? :P