Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Lately i've got my self crushed with someone right? u knew what? i can finally removed him from my heart... yeah.....ALHAMDULILLAH... may be he was not the right and good guy for me..Bye2 ..and don't u ever thing to get in my heart again.. even 0.000001%.. as i told u earlier... too many hint that i'm not supposed to give to you.. hahha.. it's funny when i thought of it many times... Yesterday i deactivated my facebook... at first, i was like the waters of the lakes.. then, when i was alone.. i kept thinking about it... it was a little hurt.. i guess.. a few hours ago, before i fall asleep... i kept thinking about it...."actually it's quiet hard for me to juz ignored it...yeahh.. can u simply forget the person that u actually like and love at the same time.? i guess i like to have friends around me.. i don't need him.. or perhaps depends on him.. yah.. my mistakes.. ( putting a high expectation to him) then he was the one whom brought it down..hahahaha.. ok thanx again for your ignorance... i really appreciated it.. but in the future you will never get my attention.. remember one thing.. no more help ( i knew you won't even realized it.. then you will know it sooner or later) hahahaha seriously i'm telling you okey.. it will happen.. and even no one will help you.. then you will remember me.. you will feel sorry.. Thanks Allah for always being with me when i'm needed you the most .. i love You Allah :) ALHAMDULILLAH.... the way... i would like to share with you something.. just now.. before i went to english language awareness class, i was at the library.. and tadaaaaaa~~!
I borrowed 3 few novels... hehe 1. gelak tergolek ( seriuosly all of you should read this one.. even a few chapter i had read... it's kind of funny.. i've been reading this one in the library and most of the time.. the story did tickles me..hahaha) 2.second time around 3. twelve red herrings... okey thats all for today... i'm waiting for my friends now.. supposed milo iced will bring out my happy mood.. besides i have homework to do.. yeahhhhhh that the spirit ~!!!!!!!

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